ready to get started? here’s the process

1 – contact us and schedule a FREE consultation

This will be a brief meeting (usually one hour) where we discuss your thoughts, ideas and needs of the project. We don’t charge you for this. The goal of this meeting is for us to gather as much information as possible to develop an accurate estimate or quote of the project.

2 – draft proposal

Once a brief description and general goal for the project has been established, we will develop a draft proposal for your review. This draft will outline the description and goals discussed during our initial consultation as well as the estimated cost for the project. At this point you will be able to review the proposal and provide your feedback with any desired changes.

3 – final proposal

Any desired changes from the initial draft proposal will be made and a final proposal will be submitted for your review. At that point you must sign and submit the deposit amount listed in your proposal. Once the signed proposal and deposit is received we will begin working on the project.

4 – design

Our creativity will begin to take shape by showing you designs on screen – layout, navigation structure, design concepts, roughs and/or wireframe sketches will be submitted for your feedback and approval.

5 – plug in content

Once the design is approved, send us your information (text, images, etc.) and the building process will begin. If the project is a website we will set up a temporary site for you to periodically view the progress of the development.

6 – and we’re done!

Once the project is complete the remaining balance of the project must be received before your website is published or files are sent to print.


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