website hosting & domain management

Lets start with the basics – what’s all this? A web host is the “home” or storage facility where all the files that make up your website reside. Your domain is the address or name that directs a computer to view those files – your “www”. You pay yearly for domain renewal and monthly or annually for “web hosting” with the provider of your choice. Signature Designs is a reseller for a national web hosting company and provides reliable hosting at affordable prices.
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website design & maintenance

Regardless of if you have an existing website or are starting from scratch we can help. We can do as much or as little as you’d like – a whole new look or simply editing your existing content or even placing your content into a pre-designed WordPress template. We will create the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.
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logo design

Your logo is the graphic element that identifies your business and helps develop a consistent brand, recognizable by your customers. Once the project is complete you will receive electronic files for your use.
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brochure design

You tell us what you want – 1 panel, 2 panel – 3; bi-fold, tri-fold or no-fold and we’ll create a proof, provide printing estimates from several great companies who we highly recommend.

and much more

Contact us with any of your design needs – tshirts, CD labels, envelopes, letterhead, signage, magazine ads – if you think of it or if you need it, ask us to do the design!
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Here’s The Process

so what’s it gonna cost?

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote based on the desired project or service.
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